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The electrical department of the national school of Engineering in Sfax was approximately established since 20 years. It has regularly and efficiently contributed to the national economic growth, notably to the industrial sectors related to the electrical engineering. Studying in this department provides the students with many job opportunities in many national sectors which are potentially in creasing. The graduated are allowed to assume responsibilities in different specialities notably : Automatic, industrial automison, Electrotechnology, electronics, industrial-computer science, instrumentation, Micro-electronic.
During these last years, the electrical engineering activities were varied and important. they can be classified in to two categories : training activities and technological and scientific research.
As far as training activities are concerned we can distinguish chiefly four training cycles.
  • cycles of engineering training in order to get the National diploma in electrical engineering
  • continuous training cycle in order to get the National diploma in electrical engineering.
  • Instructor's training cycle, in order to get a certificat of specialized high education in electrical engineering.
  • cycle of doctorate training, in order to get Mastere, Doctorate thesis, Academic habilitation with in the specialization automatic and computer-science industry, or electrical.
As for scientific and technological researches with in electrical engineering domain, they can be classified into three types. The first type is concerned with " travaux developp√©" [preparation for Masters, Doctorate thesis, Publication] with in the different teams of research in the department.
The second type is relative to the organization of different technological and scientific seminar in Tunisia. The third type of research activity is related to the study and realisation of national and international research projects.

The electrical engineering department of the national engineering schools of Sfax has renewed its teaching program. The one that is operationally used in September 2006 enables to train engineers [bac+ 5 years] in the electrical engineering domain in one of the following four specialities :
  • Automatic and computer science industry
  • Electronic and new technologies
  • Electrotechnical and industrial electricity
  • Engineering of computer science-system.

The new reform in the structure and teaching program with in the electrical engineering domain [specialities: automatic and computer science industry, electronic and new technologies etc] aims to provide theoretical knowledge in the above mentioned specialities.
This reform has been largely criticized by the electrical engineering department of the National Engineering School of Sfax. It has also been appreciated by many persons who are active in the electrical engineering domain [Tunisian and foreign teachers of higher education, Tunisian electrical engineers]. Many meetings, gathering teaches of the electrical engineering department [N E SS]. teaches of other departments and Tunisian electrical engineering, have been organized  so as to update electrical engineer trainings and make them closely related to the Tunisian industry.

The admission to the 1st year with in the engineers training so as to get a diploma in electrical engineering is made either by national competitive entrance exams or by looking at the case file of the graduated [senior technicians] who showed have a good knowledge in relation with electrical engineering specialities the graduated [bac+4] of the specialities related the electrical engineering may be accepted in the 2nd year of engineering training cycle.

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